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Breaking the Intelligence Cycle - Defcon Presentation

During Defcon 30, I presented my talk 'Breaking the Intelligence Cycle' at the BioHacking Village. The deck is available here.

About the presentation:

Threat Intelligence has become a buzzword in the last few years, and almost every organization now understands the need for intelligence to enable better protection in the organization. The intelligence function is decisive in the ability of the organization to be proactive in security, but what do we really know about establishing this function, and how can we tailor the function to our intelligence needs and our protection capabilities? In "Breaking the Intelligence Cycle", Ohad Zaidenberg, Threat Intelligence Strategic Leader and the founder of the CTI League, will review the steps that need to be taken to create this tailor-made function with considerations for the maturity level of the recipient stakeholders. Moreover, Ohad will present brand new methods for establishing PIRs and disseminating intelligence, especially for the medical sector.

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