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About Me

Ohad Zaidenberg is an intelligence specialist who focuses on cyber threat intelligence. Ohad's $dayjob is the Head of Intelligence at ABInbev, the World's largest brewer. In this role, Ohad established, leads and manages the core intelligence function of the organization. 

Ohad is also the founder and executive director of the CTI League, the first non-profit community that aspires to protect the medical sector against cyber attacks. Zaidenberg founded the organization after identifying an increase in cyber attacks that took advantage of the COVID-19 crisis. In 2020, WIRED magazine highlighted Ohad and his co-founders in WIRED25 coveted list, under 'People who make things different' title. The CTI League also won the 'Making Difference' award from SANS Institute.

Between 2017-2021, Ohad was the Lead Cyber Intelligence Researcher at the ClearSky Cybersecurity company. In this role, Ohad monitored, analyzed, and categorized threat actors and cyberattacks – both regional and global, and has been specializing on Iran as a strategic intelligence target


Aside from his cybersecurity research, Ohad also tracks state-sponsored and state-backed propaganda, influence campaigns, and psychological warfare. Moreover, Ohad is a well-known public speaker and author, who wrote multiple articles to the INSS (The Institute for National Security Studies) and to the Haaretz and Tech12 magazines.


Ohad currently lives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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