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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Welcome to my blog! My name is Ohad Zaidenberg, and I consider myself an intelligence person. I loved information my whole life. During my service at the IDF Elite Intelligence unit, I learned the impact of intelligence on defensive and offensive operations. I fall in love with the power of intelligence. After four years in the army, I decided I wanted to do cyber threat intelligence and create an impact as part of the private sector. Since then, I have tried to make a global impact with intelligence, expand my knowledge, and contribute. I have been the lead cyber intelligence researcher of a CTI vendor from Israel, took part in establishing the CTI department at national CERT, and created a non-profit organization with a mission of creating safer cyberspace for hospitals and the medical sector, all based on intelligence and sharing knowledge. Today, I'm leading the intelligence function at ABInbev.

I believe that intelligence is the language, and cyber threat intelligence is how I chose to express this language. I like to call it language vs. poetry. Based on this axiom, I found myself thinking differently about intelligence. I spent my last year building my approach to producing and consuming practical intelligence - an intelligence that makes a true impact and not only focuses on collecting and sharing information. I've published some op-eds to some magazines and used my Twitter as a place to share these ideas. During Defcon 2022, I presented my agenda 'Breaking the Intelligence Cycle", ' and the key factors for effective intelligence for the first time. You can find the deck here in my blog.

After ten years of working as a cyber intelligence researcher and all these experiences I shared with you, I decided it's time for me to have my own blog. In this blog, I wish to share my agenda, to give you tools to implant it in your life and your organization, and to contribute again to the world under the 'Ohad Zaidenberg' name. This blog reflects my personal views only and does not reflect the opinions of my current or past employers. If I helped you to tailor the intelligence function to your need, to create better cyber threat intelligence, or to get into the field, please let me know. It will make me very happy and give me more drive to keep sharing my thoughts.

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